PTO Shaft for Agricultural Application



A PTO Drive Shaft or Cardan Shaft is a mechanical device for transferring power from the engine or motor to the point where useful work is applied. Most engines or motors deliver power as torque through rotary motion: this is extracted from the linear motion of pistons in a reciprocating engine; water driving a water wheel; or forced gas or water in a turbine. From the point of delivery, the components of power transmission form the drive train.
PTO Drive Shafts are carriers of torque: they are subject to torsion and shear stress, which represents the difference between the input force and the load. They thus need to be strong enough to bear the stress, without imposing too great an additional inertia by virtue of the weight of the shaft.
More than 8 series of PTO shafts can be offered now. These shafts are available in the following specifications:
Tractor side yoke: 6 or 21 splines push pin yoke ;
Implement side yoke: 6 splines push pin shear bolt type yoke ;
Tubes: Triangular tube or lemon profile tube ;
Plastic guard: Yellow or black ;
Minimum overall length: 600-1800mm or 27″-60″ .